SpReAd the Love : First Challenge

Ancient Armitage

Following is a repost from FunkyBlueDandelion:

Thank you all for embracing SpReAd The Love. Obscura should have an update this afternoon of where we stand in regard to the number of kindnesses we’ve logged so far  but before we do that we wanted to let you in on our first blogger challenge. We’ll be issuing these periodically throughout the year and the first one is a really fun one.

Dr. Seuss’s birthday falls on March 2 and in the US it kicks off Read Across America in elementary schools and libraries. The challenge from us is to choose a book that meant the world to you as a child (or a children’s book you’ve read and loved as an adult), blog about it and then donate a copy of it to a school, library or literacy program, or give it as a gift to a young family member or friend…

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The Circle of Life

I want to thank everyone for their kind words to both Mother and I at our loss last week. She was truly touched by your words of love, as was I, but then what else would I expect from the RArmy?


English: Circle of Life Tree branch and shadow...

English: Circle of Life Tree branch and shadow on River Medway (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Just to show you the Circle of Life continues to turn, I just got a call from my son. They are at the hospital. The contractions are getting closer. The birth of my FIRST grandchild is imminent.


It all continues to amaze me.